I'm Luca also known as Theenoro, I'm 20 years old and from Germany. So I'm working on various projects. I do a lot of stuff with JavaScript ( NodeJS ) and many other languages like C#, LUA and some things with HTML, CSS and so.

I've started a few years ago, I guess 6 years for now, with LUA and created some GTA SA plugins for my own server. The end was the mysql connection there, because I had there almost no knowledge about anything. So I stopped there with LUA and changed to PHP. I've learned it with many projects. The first project way a website like DeviantArt. It was fine but my CSS knowledge was so .... . So I wanted to learn more and started something other. I asked some friends if they would do something cool. The end of this was a tiny social network, with some functions to watch a video not synchron, but almost.

I got back to LUA and the knowledge with PHP was good that I written now some more plugins which needed a database to work and some more specific logic. But after a few weeks I've stopped with it, because I've got bored from GTA SA.

Thats where I started with NodeJS. I do my projects today even with NodeJS, guess it will go on and on with it. I've done with it so much, that I don't want to use an other language.



Bought new server for some gameserver and some other things.
Made a tiny music player a friend is using it all the time. I think its a nice simple music player. Need some updates, then I upload it to the site.
As I mentioned 2015/09, I started again working on a game. Now in JS with Electron. It works pretty fine. Made changes on the map-loader system and something other.
Currently I work at this website and start an archive of some codesnippets from me.
started as a trainee, started a storage viewer web interface for my iPhone
started project komoe for my school and a YouTube Downloader, paused project yuki and finished school.
started project yuki, I wrote my final exams and paused project midori
started with project midori as a school project ( still running :3 )
done a nodeJS YouTube Info grabber and a simple tampermonkey script to get all single links from a YouTube playlist.
done a HTML / JS audio react as a cube which change direction of spinning and change color to the music
done a little project called project akari, which was ment to be to learn someting about html canvas and was build like soundcloud where I can upload music and a audio react in canvas. ( never used this project for something )
started to make a little game called Tile Life. I had to reinstall my computer and I didn't copy the old libs, so I had to download the new versions of it. The compiler printed so much errors in the console, that I stopped that project. But maybe I will return to that :)